Nadat Azerbeidzjan in 1991 onafhankelijk werd van het voormalige communistische Sovjet Unie, kwamen de jarenlange rivaliteiten en grenstwisten die onder het juk van de Sovjet-Russen verdwenen waren, weer terug. De provincie Karabağ lag vrijwel in het hart van Azerbeidzjan maar had van oudsher een vrij grote gemeenschap Armeniërs, die het gebied ook opeisten.


Vienna – APA. On 24th March, in Vienna, the Third Armenian Azerbaijani Public Peace Forum was opened with an international Round Table on Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict – Challenges and Opportunities for Building Confidence Between Societies.


Allegations of sizeable Russian arms deliveries to Armenia have sparked fury in Azerbaijan, dealing a blow to Moscow’s ambitions in the Great Game for influence in the Caspian Sea region, analysts said.


"When I and Khachatur entered the house, our soldiers had nailed a 13-year-old Turkish child to the window.He was making much noise so Khachatur put mother's cut breast into his mouth. I skinned his chest and belly. Seven minutes later the child died. As I used to be a doctor I was humanist and didn't consider myself happy for what I had done to a 13-year-old Turkish child. But my soul was proud for taking 1 percent of vengeance of my nation. Then Khachatur cut the body into pieces and threw it to a dog of same origin with Turks. I did the same to three Turkish children in the evening. I did my duty as an Armenian patriot. Khachatur had sweated much. But I saw struggle of revenge and great humanism in his and other soldiers' eyes. The next day we went to the church to clear our souls from what done previous day. But we were table to clear Khojali from slops of 30 thousand people."


Fresh evidence emerged today of a massacre of civilians by Armenian militants in Nagorno-Karabakh, a predominantly Armenian enclave of Azerbaijan.